Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Daripada Senior kepada Junior

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Ini antara post yang saya suka sangat di IIUM Online.
Dipost oleh seorang senior sebagai nasihat buat junior-juniornya.

IIUM Online itu satu group Facebook yang mengumpulkan student-student UIA secara online.

Setahu saya, mulanya group ini sengaja ditubuhkan oleh seorang pelajar UIA secara tidak rasmi.

Namun oleh kerana di situ telah menjadi satu perjumpaan oleh semua student UIA untuk berkongsi segala apa jua yang beraku di UIA maka terasa seolah-olah group itu satu group yang rasmi.


By: Akhi 
Asyraf D Zulkffli

Assalamualaikum everyone :)

I just had my last paper as IIUM graduate at 5pm just now. So, to commemorate this occasion, I want to post these series of tips that can help you go through your university years and make your experience here more memorable. These are the things that I wish people tell me earlier. :)

- Don’t make coming to class late a habit. It’ll be a good practice when you enter working life.

- Make an effort to make your lecturers remember your name – sit in front, participate in class, consult them regularly. They’ll truly appreciate your enthusiasm.

- Don’t flatter your lecturer in order to get their favour. They can sense that.

- Approach all kinds of people. It’ll broaden your minds.

- You’ll meet all kinds of people in IIUM. Refrain from being judgemental. Not everyone receives the same education/upbringing like you.

- Join clubs/societies/activities that you are interested in. Though you’ll be busy, but that sense of purpose you get from entering such clubs will be worth it.

- For those who are interested in acting, don’t be afraid to attend theater auditions. Who knows you may have tremendous talents and potentials within you.


- Try ordering kuey teow kung fu tom yam at The Nile at HS café.

- Approach your seniors. They’ll be all too happy to help you with your studies.

- If you become a leader, learn to see the true potential of your subordinates. They can surprise you.

- Don’t let your preoccupation with co-curricular activities affect your studies. Learn to strike some balance between the two.

- Support theater production here. IIUM has an abundant of crazy talents I tell ya.

- Take some moment to appreciate the amazing scenery surrounding IIUM.

- Be nice to the people who serve your food. You may get discount or extra servings. :p

- Smile and greet the cleaners who work so hard to ensure your comfort.

- Don’t litter. The cleaners have so much work as it is. Don’t make their life more difficult.

- Good friends are hard to find. When you meet them, appreciate them.

- Don’t be shy to ask help from your friends. Some people are very nice and you’ll be surprised of the extends that they will go to help you.

- Be willing to go the extra distance to help your friends.

- Don’t be too cynical to help International students. Imagine if you’re in their place- at a foreign country with no family who they can rely on.

- Don’t ever take your friends for granted

- Go eat at different places around UIA.

- Switch off the lights and fans when you leave your rooms. IIUM electricity bill is really insane.

- Be very passionate in what you’re learning. Don’t just study for the sake of examination.

- Course Pre-registration isn’t everything. Don’t be too bummed out when you don’t get to be in the same class with your friends. Make new friends!

- Do everything whole-heartedly – assignments, studies, course works, presentations. That sense of satisfaction when you get good marks will be priceless.


- If you feel like you’ve been wronged by authority figures in IIUM, don’t be afraid to lodge a report. Lecturers, security guards and IIUM staffs – they’re not invincible.

- Not doing your parts when working in group works is truly despicable. If you find people reluctant to be in the same group with you, you should know the reason why.

- Be wary of how you work with people. People will talk. Your image and reputation will be at stake.

- Don’t just accept any responsibilities offered to you. Make sure you can commit to those things first before you accept them.

- Don’t be too pressured to find your soul mates. Take your time.

- When you find the right person, grab em (metaphorically).

- Boycott shop/cafe with lousy services.

- If you need something, asks. Don’t just take your friends’/room mates’ things. It’ll probably annoy the hell out of them.

- Surround yourself only with positive people. Stay away from people who enjoys putting you down.

- University life is not all about the three K’s – Kuliah, Kafe, Katil. Find a cause you’re passionate in.

- Befriend with international students. You’ll learn a great deal about their culture and life.

- Some international students can give you first-hand insights about the experience of living in oppressed countries. It’ll be a great exposure to the reality of war and oppression.

- Some lecturers are very open in engaging with their students. You’ll get some of the most enlightening insights from them.

- Attend the various programs conducted here.

- Post stuffs in IIUM Online. :p

That’s some of the list that I can conjure up as of now. These are all little wisdoms that I get from lecturers, friends and people around me. Hope you benefits from them.
and why don’t you too contribute to more of such “pro-tips” in the comment sections. Ehehe :)


nanadhoi said...

Nice advice. Walaupun saya bukan student UIA, but some of the advices can be used , dari cara pesanan dia tu, dia memang seorang yang bertanggungjawab and nampak sifat leadership.Nice advice indeed!

Thanks for posting this. A good reminder. :D

nanadhoi said...
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